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Ad Libitum offers you the authentic Adlib fashion from Ibiza Ibiza. Our store opened its doors 10 years ago in the port of Ibiza to sell exclusive and unique creations designed for women who love Ibiza fashion Ibiza. Delicate lacework, beautiful embroidered dress, premium cotton fabrics and a style inspired by the bohemian and cosmopolitan atmosphere of the island.

Tienda ad libitum

Adlib fashion was born in the early 70s in Ibiza. The island had become a hippie paradise, a place that attracted Globetrotters from all over the world. These young people started to wear clothes inspired by the characteristic white churches and farm houses of the island. Cotton, sheer dresses, petticoats, crochet… a new fashion based on simplicity, comfort and authenticity was born them. Adlib, which takes its name from the Latin phrase ‘ad libitum’, whose meaning is “as you please”.

In 1971 took place the first Adlib fashion show, led by Princess Smilja Mihailovich, a Serbian aristocrat exiled in Ibiza which promoted the Adlib fashion. Ibiza clothing soon became fashionable worldwide.

Ad Libitum Ibiza

Adress: Calle Bisbe Cardona, 10. Puerto de Ibiza.
Phone number: 971 31 06 54